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Automatically Label All Messages from a Specific LJ Account.

Stole this from here, because LJ is dead.
This requires playing with settings on both Livejournal and GMail, but they're both very small edits.
First! Go to while logged into a ROLEPLAY journal. What you're going to be doing here is MILDLY changing the email address!

See, a handy trick you may not know is that, if you add a + sign to your email address, on most websites, everything between the + and the @ is maintained, but has no bearing on where the email is sent! For example,,, would ALL send to the SAME email address, being

While this will not effect where the email goes, it can effect what your email does with it.

So, step one! Changing your email.

As you can see, I'm still sending it to my own address -- but adding the +username to the end makes it uniquely different enough from my regular emails that it's easier to filter. Also, this means if you didn't bother to turn off the option that lets people look up your accounts by email, they won't be able to find your RP accounts if they don't know what your +word is!

Fill this out with the +word of your choice. I usually just use the journal username itself, for simplicity. Fill in your password and send! Eventually you should receive an email at your normal account asking you to confirm this email change. Go ahead and do so.

That's all we need at livejournal. Everything else in this process is solely in Gmail, so next up: Filters!!

If you've never created a filter on GMail before, you're missing out on some very handy organization. Regardless, it's pretty easy to do.

This is right next to the search bar at the top of the page, so it's very easy to find. Go ahead and click that, which will move you to a page with what is likely a giant orange field on top, like shown:

I'm only showing the left half, because the right half isn't very important. You can further filter using those fields, but it's a little more complicated than we need right now.

Anyway, the two things you want to fill in here:

the FROM field being This ensures that it will filter COMMENTS specifically.
the TO field is your, which you specified before. If you do a test search, you should either turn up no results at all, or only comment notifications you've received since the swap.

Go ahead and continue from here. Next up is CREATING THE FILTER!

If you don't already have a character filter, you can make it here. Just check the "Apply Label" ticky box, and select New Label from the drop-down. A quick popup will ask you to name this new label -- pick whatever you want! I usually go with character names, to keep the label as short as possible, but you can always use usernames, nicknames, game names or anything else that will help you remember which journal it's for best.

Now, the default color for a label is a light green with a dark green text which, I'm sorry, is NOT very attention-grabbing at all! The next steps are optional, but can make things much easier. Labels in GMail can be assigned colors, which are very easy to change. Just look for the label you want in the left-hand column, and click the down arrow next to it.

That will show you this little drop down, which has all the available background color options. I tend to go for the bold colors with lighter text, but your style may vary. Click the one you like best, and it'll apply automatically.

And you're done! After a while, your tags will show up in your inbox looking like this:

And, just looking up the label itself?

All your tags, conveniently stored away in one easy-to-find location!

Of course, this tutorial works for more than just Livejournal! By using +words, or placing periods throughout your email username, you can create "unique" addresses for a number of different sites you visit. Sites you know that will send you spam? username+spam@email, and create a filter to always send messages to that address to your trashcan!

You can also have tags automatically starred, immediately archive messages from that one player you just HATE, or have your tags in general all skip the inbox, so that eavesdroppers won't notice them immediately!

If you're using a different email, this tutorial may translate over, but I don't know the specifics of other systems and thus can't really help out too well if you get stuck.